RLXA | Jose Alberto Montesa | Web Designer & Developer | UX & UI Specialist

I'm Albert. UX & UI Specialist. Web Designer & Developer.
This is my online space. Enjoy.

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I'm Jose Alberto Montesa. Albert's fine. In a nutshell, I do UX | UI | Web Design & Development.

I want to keep on talking about myself but I also want to keep this relatively short, so just click this if you want to know a little more about me.

I'm a 25 year old Web Designer & Developer that focuses on some UX & UI magic. I'm keen on learning & improving myself as a web guy.

I want to make awesome, fast, entertaining, & easy-to-navigate websites regardless of the medium or platform in which it will be viewed on. Because web content should be consumed easily & comfortably. And I stand firm on that belief.

Constant learning through consistent practical experience is one of my strong points. I'm a goal driven person who doesn't stop (taking humanly breaks are an exception of course) until I'm done with what I'm set out to do.

Needless to say, I am passionate with web developing. I spend time on researching trends & best practices not just because I need to but because I want it as well (because it's cool & useful).

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About Me

My Face

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What I can do.

I focus on mainly on wordpress but I also create websites from scratch.

I know stuff regarding woocommerce & other certain wordpress plugins.

I can work on a variety of projects from 1-page websites to infosites to blogs to ecommerce websites to membership/subscription websites.

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My Skills

  • HTML & CSS ♥5
  • Javascript (JQuery) ♥4
  • CMS ♥5
    • Wordpress
    • woocommerce Integration
    • Email System Integration (mailchimp)
    • Plugin Development
  • Database3
    • php MyAdmin
    • MySQL

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What I do.

Here's some of the websites I made. I'm still earning up personal projects for showing off so it'd be good to check back here soon (Still saving up for that hosting package. ☺).

My carbonmade portfolio & my personal tumblr blog aren't websites I created but rather some of my personal outlets for things outside of website creation.

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My Works

works here 

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